Welcome to LPP!

Friends, I’m SO so excited that you’re here! This space is something we have created and cultivated over the course of several years. It’s a space to reflect. To consider. To dive deep into the spaces and places that we tend to skim over in the rest of our lives.

When Jen and I started this site several years ago, we had one clear vision: that memory keeping, for each of us, was SO MUCH MORE than photos and pretty cards. It was a way for us to each work through the challenges that we faced in life. A way to connect with our deeper selves. And to work on that stuff that can be so hard to get through otherwise.

Friend, we all face these moments, these seasons, in life where stuff gets hard. And our culture does not have a space for us to work through what we need to get to the other side. I’ll be the first to say that therapy is great. We should all have therapists that can help us to work through the stuff that keeps us up at night. Faith is important. We should all have a space to be spiritual and joyful in our connectedness with others and with God. And exercise – that’s great too. We should all move our bodies regularly and embrace the form that it is in at this moment.

But what happens when we have all of those things, and we still find ourselves with a pit in our stomach? What happens when the it is not enough? What happens when we need to go further?

Join This Community of Memory Keepers

I want you to join this space with love in your heart and a commitment to yourself. Here we will share ways that you can go deeper. Go further. Dive in. Reflect. And work through the things that are hard, that keep you stirred and unsettled, the things we think about and can’t let go of.

I want you to join this space with JOY in your heart. With a commitment to seeing the GOOD that is in your life. To find something, even in your hardest days, that has a glimmer of hope/joy/love/connectedness.

You see, life is both. Life is both SO GOOD and SO HARD. And we want to bring that into our writing. Into our stories. Into our work. Into our lives. Because it is then – and only then – that we can get to the other side.

I have used journaling, scrapbooking, storytelling to work through the biggest challenges in my life. And this medium allows me to take that awful mix of anger/frustration/resentment/heartache and bring it through to joy/love/gratitude. To turn tears into a smile. To create space for me to be where I am and be okay with it. To find joy in the journey. To let go of that which does not serve me. And to find some assemblance of peace on the other side.


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xoxo, julie

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I'm passionate about documenting life in a meaningful way. Co-Creator of Little Paper Projects, Blogger at How I Sustain Blog, and Yoga Teacher at Renegade Power Yoga. Find all the links to all of my work at www.JulieLoveGagen.com.