Love Where You Live is about celebrating the stuff that makes up life at home. The good stuff. The great stuff. The messy stuff. The stuff – stuff. It’s all a reflection of your life, in this moment. It’s all a part of your personal history. It all matters.

This project is not about perfection. It’s not about posturing. It’s not about comparison. It is – as its essence – about life. The life we build for ourselves. The things we surround ourselves with. The people, places, and things that make us whole.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: home is where the heart is.

Truly, it is.

Our homes are small apartments in the city, and cottages in the country, and suburban duplexes, and gated communities. Our homes are rented spaces, shared spaces, and purchased spaces. Our homes are filled with people that we love, pets that we hold dear, and collections of things from our travels. Our homes have gardens and culinary spaces. Our homes have nooks, storage, and favorite hiding spaces. Our homes are places we rarely spend time in and places we rarely leave.

Wherever you live, you have a place in this class. We want to see you celebrate your favorite places, share joy in DIY successes, and commiserate over toddler (and teenager) messes.  We want to see you use the best lighting in the worst spaces, find angles, and focus points, which help you find beauty where you thought there was none. And we want to help you get it into an album (in the format of your choice).

Love Where You Live - A Celebration of Life and Home is now open for registration!| Little Paper Projects

How it Works

This is a self-paced 4-week course with four themes (and one bonus theme) designed to help you capture the space in which you live and love. In years past, we have had a full class (available for purchase here).

This year, the class will be held for FREE in our Facebook Group Little Paper Projects.



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Get Inspired

To get inspired, follow our gorgeous group Pinterest board. You can find us on Instagram  @littlepaperprojects and share your projects under the hashtag #LPPLoveWhereYouLive.


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Do I need to have a fancy camera?

Absolutely not! We will provide tips and tricks for capturing and editing with phone cameras through DSLRs, and everything in between.

What format is the album?

Each of our contributors is creating a unique album based on their style and preference. Check the contributor pages to see who you want to follow and get inspired from our Instagram and Blog, where we’ll share sneaks as soon as we get them!

Have more questions?
Email us at littlepaperprojects@gmail.com


Let’s celebrate home, together.