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Tell Us About Yourself | I am starting life at 50 and crossing stuff of my Bucket List [ time is running out ] with gusto. As a Mother to hoards , Wife and now Nana I love to document the day to day comings and goings of life around here and around the world as my children are scattered far afield, through project life.

What Format Are You Using for #LittleSummerJoy? | I absolutely LOVE to continue the story of some bigger daily moments through Mini Albums – a passion indeed.
As a newcomer t o traveler notebooks and midori I am going to embrace them in this upcoming project. I am going with a Documenting on the go approach and making a mini kit from my stash and tools to carry with me at all times and also going to make my own Traveler Notebook tailored to what I feel my needs might be.

Winter or Summer? | I LOVE Winter more so than Summer, you can only take off so many clothes in Summer and then your NAKED uh no one wants to see that. I also love Winter in the Southern Hemisphere because it is ALL about Winter nothing else not even Christmas LOL. Can you possibly imagine Christmas in 40+ degree celsius heat?