Meet Alexandria Rose.


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Alexandria’s Creative Teams | Kellie Stamps

How Did Your Creative Journey Begin? | My creative journey started 11 years ago with photos cut into crazy shapes and as many crammed onto the page as I could get. Later in high school I moved into (not very good) card making, but took a break during college and picked it up more seriously after college. Then I discovered Project Life and got back into more serious memory keeping before moving into a mixture of pocket pages, traditional layouts and minibooks.

What Format Are You Using for #LittleSummerJoy? | I’m debating a pre-made 4×4 album from WRMK or creating one with binder rings and chipboard.

What Is Your Favorite Summer Memory? | Getting stuck up to our knees in the mud in my Grandma’s garden with my brothers and my cousin. My little brother called it sinking mud and was afraid of losing his favourite boots.