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Hi Friends!!

I can’t BELIEVE it’s finally here. Today. This day. Is THE DAY that our first paid course #LPPLoveWhereYouLive officially launches its first lesson.

Now I know what you’re thinking: is it too late to register?

NO! Not at all.

In fact, we’re expecting a lot more registrations to happen this week, especially after the first results from the affiliate program are shared later today.

If you’re not an affiliate yet, you’ll want to read this page to learn how + why.


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Friends, we are SO excited about this class. Seriously. It’s packed with a group Pinterest Board, Recommended Reading, a Printable Checklist with Photo Ideas, a class forum, Periscopes from Jen (@sunlightandair) + Julie (@juliegagen), a full private message board, FREE printables, and SO so much more.

We’re also excited to announce that, later this week, products will be available from Kristine of The Teal Lime Press, Mandy of Turquoise Avenue, and Jessica of Colorcast Designs!!

Can you believe it?! Seriously, friends, you WANT THIS CLASS!

And just one last teaser from today’s lesson to get you excited about documenting home.

Love Where You Live | Lesson 1 Interior Home Tour

Photographers know this trick quite well: you can make almost anything look desirable with the right staging, lighting, and angles. Sure, it’s a little deceiving, but, hey, that’s what beautiful home tours are all about, right?!

I share these photos of my living room for a very specific reason: it’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game, that it’s easy to devalue our life and whatever stage we’re in. It’s easy to think that someone else has it “easier” or “better” or with less struggle and strife.

But, most likely, that’s not true at all.

The stories of our spaces are just like that. They can be full of comparison and measuring, OR they can be full of love and contentment.

The story of this photo.

Every morning I wake up at 6am. Cal (my 6 yr old nephew) arrives at my house and we migrate to our living room, throw on PBS kids, and relax before Max (my 3 yr old) wakes up.

On an average morning, the house starts the day in fair order and slowly degrades down to piles of Legos, cars, and random toys strewn about the room, as if a mob of children had come in with the purpose of deconstructing the entire space.

Then, there is the inevitable rush to breakfast, rush to getting ready, and rush to get to the bus stop. Usually, we JUST make it. Occasionally, we’re early. And sometimes, we totally miss it.

If I were playing the comparison game, I would think that all of the other parents have it easier than me. That their kids listen better. That they get ready on their own, never fuss, and have no trouble staying on task when it’s nearly bus time. And that their living rooms NEVER look like this.

But, the truth is: life, as a parent, is almost always the same. We ALL struggle from time to time. We ALL have trouble teaching kids about time management, staying on task, and quit-playing-with-the-toys-it’s-time-to-leave! That’s just life.

And, before I had kids, I had different dramas every morning. Different struggles with getting ready, traffic, roommates that spend too long in the bathroom, neighbors that block in my car, and trains running behind schedule.

There is always something.


So this week, we’re talking about documenting our real lives. The stuff that makes up our current spaces, that dominates our daily lives, that is our reality. And, of course, we’re taking pretty pictures too.

If that appeals to you, you’ll want to register for Love Where You Live.


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