Love Where You Live: 2017 Edition

Hey, hey, ladies! I am SO super excited to be offering Love Where You Live again this year! First, a little background on this project.

Love Where You Live is a project that was in my mind, in concept, since 2012. I’ve done it on my own and share snippets online. In 2015 when we launched Little Paper Projects, we offered a FREE version of the course here on this site. In 2016, I revived it, added more videos and content, and brought it into a shnazzy course website. You can find that version here.

In 2017, we’re taking a new turn. Being home with a 1-yr old, teaching yoga, and managing all of my small businesses (seriously, you guys, sometimes I wonder what I got myself into!), I don’t have enough lead time to formally build this into a paid class.

Considering I’ve been doing this personal documentation since 2012, I knew I couldn’t let the year pass without some pictures and a simple book about home.

This year’s project is going to be super simple. It’s going to include four basic prompts, lots of “real-life” moments, and even some video! Again, it’s totally free. I’m not selling anything related to it, so this is just me, making a super simple book about home, and sharing it in our Facebook group. 

I’ll be making an 8×8 digital book because the square format will allow for some project life pages (if I want them) and some full page pictures to round it out.

I’ll set up a schedule next week and share it there. The prompts will be Facebook Live streaming  videos, probably on Monday of each week. Below those posts, we can have discussions, share info and favorite things, and maybe some separate posts sharing our work.

In the Facebook group, you’ll see a thread with links to some favorite kits, Q&A if you have any, and anything else you might want related to this class.

Class begins October 2nd.

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I don’t know about you, but I am SUPER EXCITED about this class! So grab a camera, a favorite kit, and let’s get documenting!



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