#LittleSummerJOY Project Supplies – Traveler’s Journal Option

As we mentioned last time, this memory keeping project is uniquely designed to suit whatever format you choose. Throughout the next two months, you’ll see examples of a wide variety of formats. I’m choosing two of the most basic, most affordable options, for two reasons: first, I’m traveling a lot and, second, I wanted to invest in new supplies.

Little Summer JOY Project - Traveler's Journal

The Traveler’s Journal is Portable.

It’s funny that this “traveler’s journal,” which is similar to the midori journal, is popular right now. I had no idea. But it truly suits my needs, since most of my weeks this summer will be spent away from home.

For me, having a small notebook (‘pocket size”, according to the brand) means that I can take it with me during my day trips, on train rides, and long car rides with family. I can take it to visit my in-laws, when I know I’ll have a few minutes here or there to sketch or write. I can take it with me anywhere. And everywhere. And I will.

Little Summer JOY Project - Traveler's Journal

The Traveler’s Journal is Affordable.

Jen and I both believe strongly in memory keeping projects remaining affordable. We LOVE gorgeous products and we LOVE supporting independent designers, but we also want to keep this passion that we have within our budgets, while still creating something beautiful.

And for about $3 each, this format is more than affordable!

But it’s not just the dollar value that makes this format affordable: you don’t need supplies.

Okay, truth be told, I did buy supplies for this. But I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to build new creative skills. Which brings me to my next point.

The Traveler’s Journal is a New Way (for me) to Document Life

I’ve been wanting to get back into sketching, stamping, practicing hand lettering, and brush script for a long time. This project gives me the perfect opportunity to try new ways to document new things. As a creative who’s always looking for build skills, this is a great opportunity for me to do something different.

Little Summer JOY Project - Traveler's Journal

The Traveler’s Journal is not a Scrapbook.

Unless you want it to be.

Earlier today I was talking to a friend who loves the ideas behind memory keeping, but isn’t into the pockets and the supplies (like I am). When I mentioned to her that I was using a journal for this project, she was immediately excited. And I knew, right then, that there was value in this experiment.

Because memory keeping isn’t just pockets and pretty photos: it’s also an exercise in self-reflection. It’s about using photos, words, and prompts to work on yourself. And create something new. And create it in a way that works with you. And for you.

Still, I love having photos in my projects, and it really wouldn’t feel the same if I didn’t have them in a project. So I’m adding pictures to my stories and words, to my sketching and script. And I know it’s going to be exactly what I want, because it’s my stories, and my memories, and my words.

Little Summer JOY Project - Traveler's Journal

My Traveler’s Notebook Supply List.

To do this project in this format, you’ll need a blank journal. I’m using the Moleskine Cahier BLANK Journal with a kraft paper cover (pay attention to “lined” versus “grid” versus “blank”). One word of caution: when it comes to stamping, the paper does run a little thin. If you have the time or interest to get something a little more substantial, you might be happier with the outcome. Still, the price makes this a very possible option.

To edit my photos, I used PicTapGo App ($1.99 and totally worth it, in my opinion!) and the Photo Grid App (free).

In addition to the journal, I’m using my American Crafts Precision Pens, Ranger Archival Ink for stamping, and stamps from Studio Calico, Kellie Stamps, and Studio L2E. When I print my photos, I’m sending them directly from my iPhone to my Canon MG7520 printer.


Tomorrow we’ll share another option for completing this project in a very simple, attainable, and affordable way – so stay tuned!


xoxo, julie.

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  1. I am new to the Travelers Notebook world (I made my own fauxdori) and absolutely love this notebook system! I am multitasking on projects this summer and was planning on using a travelers notebook for this project as well as Kristin’s Find Your Voice workshop! I am super excited for this summer and to be using my travelers notebook!

    Love, Jenn

    • juliegagen

      Thanks great, Jenn! I honestly had no idea how creative they can be, so I’m loving all the inspiration I find on Instagram! If you have any favorites, or if you post your own, let me know which handles to follow. We’ll definitely feature more examples and inspiration! 🙂

      • Julie,

        I will definitely keep that in mind! There seem to be all sorts of uses for Travelers Notebook.

        Just as a heads up, I still can’t post in the forums. 🙁

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