December Daily 2016 | This is Us

This year I’m participating in December Daily, an annual documentation project run by Ali Edwards. The goal is to tell stories of Christmas each day in December. To capture the magic, the spirit, the essence of the season. To capture the excitement and anticipation of the holiday in the weeks leading up to the day. In 2016, this is the most exciting Christmas we have had in our family because my son Max is now old enough, at 4 yrs old, to appreciate the full magic of the season. Check back here regularly, all month, as I share the project in progress.

One of the things I wanted to add to this year’s album was a page all about our family: who we are, what we like, what we’re excited about. It took some iterations and some trial and error, but I finally landed on this template and I’m really happy with the results.

My hope is to update it every year with our ages, interests, and what we are most looking forward to. At the end of the day, on Christmas, we’ll hand write in the grey boxes with our favorite parts of this season.

I’m SUPER excited about it.

And I wanted to share it here so that you could do it as well.

You can download it here:

The template is a PSD (Photoshop) file. For next year, I’ll update it with a PDF printable that you can use as well.


Happy documenting, friends!