December Daily 2016 | Part 1

This year I’m participating in December Daily, an annual documentation project run by Ali Edwards. The goal is to tell stories of Christmas each day in December. To capture the magic, the spirit, the essence of the season. To capture the excitement and anticipation of the holiday in the weeks leading up to the day. In 2016, this is the most exciting Christmas we have had in our family because my son Max is now old enough, at 4 yrs old, to appreciate the full magic of the season. Check back here regularly, all month, as I share the project in progress.

This is the first year that I finally understand what all the fuss is about with December Daily. Now that Max is four, and in preschool, every single day since Thanksgiving has been a exciting, anticipated step closer to Christmas.

This Project

I’m sharing my pages, as they’re finished, here on LPP. Most of the products used are a paper pad by American Crafts, a small assortment of embellishments collected throughout the years of doing this project (since 2012), and kits by Ali Edwards and the featured December Daily designers.

Today’s Story

The first story in this album is all about getting the tree. Every year since we moved to our little town, a tiny suburb on the edge of farm country, we have purchased our Christmas tree at a different tree farm. And every year we’re happy with the experience, but none of them were “it”.

That’s the thing about being in a young family in a new place: establishing traditions takes time.

But this year we found it. This is our place. And, without a doubt, our whole family is truly looking forward to coming back again and again for years to come.

We got the recommendation from a friend for a place just around the corner from a small farm that we’ve visited a few years in a row. It’s close to our house (a 10-minute drive) and we’ve been there before (it’s also an apple orchard), so we knew exactly where to go.

The trees are lined and placed in containers, so you walk through lines and rows of trees, large and small, skinny and fat, bushy and spiny: it’s all there.

Because of his excitement, we let Max choose the tree (with some parameters, like – it actually has to fit in our space… ). And Chris followed him as he ran up and down the aisles, while I hung back sneaking photos and hanging with Adeline (who was asleep in her carrier).

After we picked the tree, there was hot mulled cider to drink while we hung by a fire. Max roasted marshmallows. And we all snacked on their fresh cider doughnuts. There was also a hedge maze and farm animals to feed.

It was pretty awesome.

The Album

For my album, I’m making a loose 6×8 with 4 rings. I’m making most of my pages digitally, and incorporating the scrapbook paper pad I picked up at the beginning of this project. The digital elements are from Ali’s December Daily kits. I’m using bits and pieces from all of them depending on what each layout needs.

This tag was placed on our Christmas tree. After we picked it, we went for the doughnuts and camp fire while the guys working at the farm trimmed the trunk and prepped it for our car. They name the trees by the kids, which Max liked a lot.


These pages are printed on Canon Matte Photo paper (which is almost like cardstock) with the Canon Pixma printer. It does a great job, it’s affordable, and it’s archival quality.

I’m still so impressed with it.

One of the things I love about digital is that you can re-color the elements and cards to suit each layout. On this page, I changed the color of the word “holiday” and the corresponding card to match colors pulled from the above picture.

I made the plaid card and tree using elements found in this year’s December Daily kits.

This tag is printed from this year’s DD Main Kit. The circle star is from Kelly Purkey’s DD kit from 2015. I’m still using elements that didn’t make it into last year’s album and I love how easy it is to coordinate them year to year.


So there you have it! One set of pages done, MANY more to go. But as with all of the projects that I do, it takes time for me to find the method, the format, and the groove for each project. Now that I’m finding it, each page will move quickly.


Happy Documenting, friends!




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