December Daily 2016 | Dec 1st

This year I’m participating in December Daily, an annual documentation project run by Ali Edwards. The goal is to tell stories of Christmas each day in December. To capture the magic, the spirit, the essence of the season. To capture the excitement and anticipation of the holiday in the weeks leading up to the day. In 2016, this is the most exciting Christmas we have had in our family because my son Max is now old enough, at 4 yrs old, to appreciate the full magic of the season. Check back here regularly, all month, as I share the project in progress.

Today’s pages mark the beginning of December, as we opened the month by decorating the tree.

Now I’ll tell you – I had ideas about how this was going to go. I wanted to establish a tradition around decorating the tree. After all, I had a tradition around decorating the tree growing up.

So when it came time to set it up, open up our box of decorations, and get to it – I was SURE it was going to be a magical family experience, where Chris and I exchanged smiles over hot cocoa and listened to Christmas music while we took turns helping Max decorate.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

First of all, we have a 3-month old baby and if there’s one thing I know about babies, it’s that they don’t care what your plans are.

econd, Max didn’t want to decorate the tree with us. He was TOO excited and insisted on inviting family over to help in the festivities.

Third, we don’t even drink hot cocoa – we prefer tea.

And you know what? I still had a great time. And so did Max.








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