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My Selfie Scrapbook: Lesson ONE

Hi Friends! Since we’ve updated sites and migrated old content, I wanted to reblog some of our favorite posts (like My Selfie Scrapbook) here on this site. It was a FREE class that a bunch of us put together in 2015. This is from Jen Lake’s old blog (now retired). Enjoy!

It’s hard to believe that since announcing the #myselfiescrapbook project last Wednesday, more than 250 posts have been shared on Instagram under the hashtag!! Each time I check in to the hashtag, I am blown away by the photos you are all capturing so please, continue to share, and continue to support other women in this adventure of self-love.

Today’s post – the first in a series of selfie suggestions – comes from Julie Gagen.  Julie might be the queen of the self portrait as she goes on her fourth month of capturing one photo of herself each day. You can find Julie on Instagram at @julieloveg and on her blog, here.


When I first started taking self-portraits, it was not easy. I didn’t know what I was doing or how to start and they all came out just as awkward and uncomfortable as I felt taking them. But slowly, over time, I got better at it. I learned techniques. I studied other self-portraits.

My moment of change came when I realized that self-portraits are so much more than just pictures of your face.

So this week, we’re starting the #myselfiescrapbook project by getting elemental about selfies. Literally. You’re going to take pictures of pieces of you: your feet, your hands, you favorite shirt, your hairstyle. And slowly, we’ll build up to a full self-portrait.

Here are this week’s challenges:

  • Start with your feet
  • What you carry
  • Let’s see those hands
  • Your favorite shirt
  • Jewelry
  • Your favorite hair style
  • Now let’s see you

Note | The challenge this week is for you is to get the camera facing YOU. You’ll notice all of my photos are taken straight-on, not from my perspective (you’ll have plenty of time for perspective shots later in this class). This was intentional. When the camera faces us, it forces a shift in the way we view photography, because the subject is no longer on the other side of the lens. And that change can be challenging, even when we’re comfortable on both sides of the camera.

My feet have spent a lot of time in winter boots this year. Even though most of the record snowfall in Boston occurred weeks ago, we’re just now starting to see our sidewalks again. So it gives me endless joy to have entered early spring: the season of bright yellow suede boots.

I’ve been working hard at the gym lately as part of a fitness challenge. It’s a great excuse to invest in myself and the results are paying off. So when I think of what I carry, this bag brings me the greatest joy.

My hands do a lot of things. They write. They type. They blog. They take photos. And when I want to give them (and me) a rest, my hands like to embrace a warm cup of tea.

My favorite shirt is a hand-me-down that’s circled around our family. I LOVE the colors and the design. And even though it’s several sizes too big, when I wear it I can’t help but feel happy.

I’m obsessed with this bracelet lately. Convinced it brings me good luck, you’ll see it on my wrist almost all the time.

Truth be told, my favorite go-to hair style is a bun. But when I went to take this picture, my hair wasn’t interested in being styled. So I let it be wild instead.

This week is all about getting comfortable in front of the camera. So now it’s time to bring it all home with a zoomed out timer photo of you. If it feels awkward, that’s fine: the awkward face makes it fun.


Julie is creating a digital 4×4 album to capture her photos from this project. Here are the pages created with the photos she captured using these seven prompts.

Happy creating, friends!!



The #myselfiescrapbook project is a month-long class created by Jennifer Lake and Julie Gagen. Full of prompts, free file downloads, and inspiration from contributors, the class is about self-love and documenting you as part of your family’s story. To join in making your own mini-album, check out all of the #myselfiescrapbook posts.