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Around Here | November 2016

I have a strange relationship with time lately. With a not-so-new baby (she’s nearly 3 months) occupying most of my time, I find my days going both SO SLOW and SO FAST – all at the same time.

The slowness comes with having a baby. So much is happening in their teeny little bodies, that their relationship with time is on a different scale than ours. They need time. They need care. They need cautious, slow, deliberate moments. They need snuggles. They need naps. All while they double over in size and growth every few months. It’s truly TRULY amazing. But slow.

And yet, my days are flying by. On the rare moments where I find myself without something to do – like dishes, cleaning, laundry (all of which are MOST of what I do), it’s rare that I make it through a full activity before I’m called back by my tiny tyrant, demanding food, love, snuggles.

And then it’s dark. And then it’s bedtime. And then I’m rushing to get one creative project DONE before it’s time for me to get to sleep.

And, just like that, the day repeats. A slightly different version of the same thing – every day.

So I’ve been away from blogging for what feels like a moment, but is actually months. Though I have continued to share tiny tidbits of what’s happening around here on Instagram and on my personal blog, I’m really looking forward to coming back into a space where I can write and share and be in a place.

So moving forward, you’ll find all of my personal posts, the catch-up stuff, the life stuff, the baby stuff, on my personal blog. And you’ll find all of scrappy projects, my paper-loving nerd-iness, my newest favorite apps, and the awesome industry things that only a lover of all things paper and scrap can truly appreciate – here on LPP.

I promise you – there is a lot to come.

Because of this other little thing …

(That’s me in the bottom-middle. Looking up and sideways like “WHAT?! IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING??)

And it is.

What I love most about Ali is her commitment to story. To simplified products and classes that make telling stories the focus of your work.

And here at LPP, that’s what we specialize in. YOUR story. The best parts. The hard parts. The in-between parts.

And this year, I have a lot of story to tell.

Working with Ali this coming year, I know I’ll be able to offer even more here in this space. There is a lot coming, friends. And I’m happy to say, it’s coming soon.

This year, you’ll see:

  • Digital Products
  • Our favorite classes
  • Story telling opportunities every month
  • All of my favorite Ali projects: Day in the Life, Week in the Life, One Little Word, December Daily
  • More in-progress posts (because there is always something in progress).
  • And whatever else I need, in a moment, and make for myself. Because sharing is caring, friend, and that’s what I want to do in this space.

So join me this month, and this coming year, as I create and share little vignettes of memory keeping and products that make it easier all right here.







We’re on YouTube!

Hi, Friends!

We just launched our YouTube Channel and we’re SUPER excited about it! Honestly, there is always SO much we want to say, and it’s hard to fit it into a blog post.

Sure, blog posts are informative and quick and it can be a lot of fun to stare at all the gorgeous work that our contributors offer, but let’s be real: there is nothing like seeing it on video.

So we decided to launch our channel with an example traveler’s notebook album that Julie made during last year’s Little Summer JOY Class. It’s a passion project that we’re SO super excited to share here, and on video.


Isn’t that FUN?! Honestly, we couldn’t be happier to share this post, and more, here, and on our channel.

There is lots of fun to come, friends. So stay tuned!



Why We Created Little Paper Projects

From Julie

When I first discovered Project Life and pocket scrapbooking in 2010, it didn’t take long for me to notice that a lot of my favorite layouts, made by my favorite designers, included pictures of themselves (selfies). I remember simultaneously admiring them and thinking “That’s amazing. I could never do that.”

I thought about it. A lot.

Truly, more than I care to admit.

There were so many moments, so many favorite outfits, and so many favorite memories that I wanted to capture of myself – and I didn’t. And the reason I didn’t capture them was because I was self-conscious about how other people would perceive me.

I think most people know at least one person that sees self-portraits as something negative. And as much as I love my friends and family, the selfie trend hasn’t exactly caught on in my social circles. So when I want to take a picture of myself, I know what they’re thinking. And that’s why, for a long time, I didn’t take them. Even when I was alone, I carried that fear and judgement with me.

But as I looked through my own albums, and admired pictures of my favorite coffee shop, my best friends, my husband, my dogs, my garden, and my family – it was obvious that there was only one thing missing from my album: me.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how important it was for me to be in my own albums. And I realized that I really like selfies. And that I didn’t care what other people thought. And, years from now, I know that my future self I would want to see me in the album too.

From Jen

When I started Project Life (and memory keeping), it was because I didn’t want to live a life that I would forget.

Though I was sick, I kept living, and I began documenting.

I told myself then that it wasn’t about documenting the big moments or my happiest days, but about documenting the everyday. It was about documenting the good alongside the bad.

For me, the promise to document it all meant documenting doctors appointments and MRIs. It meant documenting the first time I had to take an incomplete in a course in the same week that I documented my first standing ovation after speaking to seven hundred people about how scholarship funds meant I could get medical care and continue my education. And, now, it means documenting another surgery in a dedicated mini-album.

It’s not easy to document the hard stuff in life, but I do it because I believe in the value of these moments. Years from now, when I flip through my albums and look for the moments that defined my life, it will be these.

I know that the days which seem the hardest now will be the ones I look back on with the most thankfulness.

Starting Little Paper Projects

Friends, when I say that this is a passion project for Jen and I – truly – I mean it. We are incredibly passionate about helping you document your story. About keeping it simple. Making it attainable. Connecting with other women. And supporting independent designers + makers in the process.

Jen and I have had our share of challenges in life and, with each of those challenges, we found documenting it – in a real, authentic way – made it possible for us to stay positive. To push through. And to do so in a healthy, real, authentic way.

You don’t get to choose the challenges life throws at you, but you get to choose how you experience it.

That’s why we’re so passionate about documenting life. That’s why we developed My Selfie Scrapbook. And that’s why we’re here, creating LPP, and connecting with all of you.

Memory keeping isn’t just about the pictures. It’s not about making pretty things (though we do like that part!). It’s not about buying stuff. It’s not about comparing your style, or your album, or your life with others. It’s about you. It’s about getting your story on paper – even when your story is hard to tell. Because, for us, writing about it, talking about it, and sharing it, has given us the opportunity to grow. To connect with others. And to get support from women like you.

We love that. And we want to share it with you.


Our next big project – Little Summer JOY – starts July 1st. And we would love it if you joined us.

For more on Little Summer JOY, and all the latest from LPP, get on the LPP List!


xoxo, julie.

Welcome to LPP!

Friends, I’m SO excited to write this post! It’s great to be here. It’s great that you’re here. And it’s great to announce and start and develop new things! Fun things. JOYful things.

As I’m typing this out, I’m just not sure to begin. There is so much fun to share. And perhaps the only place to start is from the beginning.

When Jen and I launched My Selfie Scrapbook, we had no plan. We had talked about developing a class, but nothing came of it. And then, on a whim, Jen said “let’s do this” and I said “absolutely!”

Six weeks later, we were absolutely blown away by the gorgeous albums, the kind words, and the amazing memory keepers we met. And we couldn’t help ourselves. There just had to be something more.

One (wild) month later, we launched Little Paper Projects. And the rest, well, it’s all happening right now. And you’re a part of it. And we are SO so excited to share this all with you.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. It’s the best way – and the only way – to keep up with everything we have in store for you (and, friends, there’s A LOT coming!).


xoxo, julie

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