AE Creative Team | Eat Story Kit

Every month as part of my year on Ali Edwards’ Creative Team, I get the opportunity to work with the physical (and digital) products released for that kit and create a story-related project. As with all new adventures, usually it takes a couple of tries for me to figure out what I want to do and how I want to bring it all together.

And this month I figured it out.

As part of the Story Kit release, I’m creating a DIY Traveler’s Notebook out of a combination of printed digital pages (made in MS Word and printed on Matte Photo Paper) and the physical story kit. I add in digital stamps and create pages out of the stamps and cards, as needed. And the combination of mediums – digital/physical hybrid – coordinates into a small 8-page notebook that I absolutely love on that month’s subject, in real time.

This month’s story kit is focused on what we EAT.

Ali always offers prompts for the word – both through the story kit classroom and on the cards and stamps themselves. I’ll be honest – I usually don’t get to the classroom before I start creating — and that was especially true this month because EAT is something that is very much on our minds lately.

So as I pulled this album together, I realized just how many stories I had to tell.

And now I’m considering a second volume.

We’ll see.

For now, here’s my DIY Traveler’s Notebook for the EAT Story Kit — woo!


March 2017 EAT AE Story Kit

The first page was all about celebrating Adeline’s half birthday (hooray 6 MONTHS!) with an over-the-top 6-layer cake that I dedicated one full Friday night to.

It was worth it!

It all started when Max asked to go on Pinterest and look up craft ideas (as we sometimes do). Initially we were looking for Rice Krispie Treats themed for St. Patrick’s Day, but everything got tossed to the side when he saw the Minion cupcakes made with Twinkies.

Thus, the weekend cake party was born. And I spent two days making all the preparations.

The next story came from a facebook status I wrote at the beginning of the month – a half funny, half annoyed experience at Starbucks – when I got the best iced macchiato OF MY LIFE.

Then, there was the time that Chris and I – after basically a full year of never going on a date (because of my complicated pregnancy and, you know, the baby that came after šŸ˜‰ ) we FINALLY snuck out on a spontaneous Friday night dinner when Max begged to sleep over his grandmother’s house.

I’ll share the full list of supplies at the bottom, it’s a bit of a hodge podge, but in the best way!

The last page was a typed summary of the experiences we had with food this month – eating with friends, going out to eat, and the experiences we have around food and meal time. And, of course, there is a bit on what Adeline is eating (which is changing, literally, every meal – she’s growing SO FAST, friend!).

This back cover style is becoming a favorite tradition of mine – to add a quote (in this case from Ali’s kit) to the back cover, and crop it down to size.

I am SO pleasantly surprised with how this project came together! It’s been such a joy to work with these supplies — I honestly have enough left over to add “eat” to my Project Life Album and still make another DIY traveler’s notebook.

And maybe I will … šŸ˜‰

Supplies Used:


Happy crafting, friends!





One Little Word 2017 | Beginning + Daily Self Portrait Project

There is power in words. Words evoke feelings, emotions, they suggest deeper meanings and infer sentiment, context.

This is true in the words we use, in how we relay them, and how they are perceived by others.

You may have heard of Ali Edwards’ annual project One Little Word, a project fully dedicated to the expression and exploration of choosing a word, inviting it into your life, and exploring it in the context of personal growth.

I’ve been doing this project, in some form or fashion, since 2013. Here are my past list of words:

  • 2013 – Sustain
  • 2014 – Forward
  • 2015 – Cultivate
  • 2016 – Magic

Lately, I’ve noticed myself using a lot of negative words to describe my life. I say things like “well, it’s okay, but… (insert negative statement).” I can’t take compliments. And I find myself just .. grumpy. Unsettled. Not myself.

It’s winter here in New England, and most of us experience some form of Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD), which is prevalent during cold, rainy months when people are trapped indoors and don’t have enough time outside. The lack of sun, the temperature, it can be hard on the soul.

Coming off a hard year (2016), I’m in need of a personal revolution of sorts. I need some serious time and energy invested solely in my own well-being, along with a dose of warmth, and more opportunities to engage, connect, and smile.

This year for One Little Word, I chose the word SECURE.

This Year’s Project

Because of where I am this year, because of how much I NEED a personal revolution, I’ve added several personal development layers on top of the OLW project itself.

You can read more about my personal project here.

This first layer, and the biggest inspiration for this project, is about feeling secure in my body.

I know, touchy subject, right?

But it’s just SO necessary for where I am right now. And if you want to learn more about that, you can read my opening letter to 2017.

In addition to some really healthy practices (like eating better + daily exercise), I’m doing a self-portrait project.

And I’m SO excited.

I’ve done one before. Back in 2015, I took a photo EVERY DAY for the entire year. For more on that, here is a post on my WHY from last time and here’s a small album My Selfie Scrapbook.

This year, it’s a different project for a different reason. But the goal is the same: one photo a day, a few words, a quick dip into where I am and how I am. It’s my way of checking in. Catching up. Tracking progress in a more telling way.

I’m adding in favorite quotes, tracking progress, and keeping it real. REALLY real.

For supplies, I’m again keeping it SUPER simple with whatever I have on hand: Canon Pixma printer, a traveler’s notebook, date stamp, my staedtler pens, some adhesive, and a black Archiver’s Ink stamp pad.

So that’s the beginning! Check back here regularly (weekly?) for updates on the project, my favorite layouts, and continued progress on this project.

Happy Documenting, friends!



December Daily 2016 | This is Us

This year Iā€™m participating in December Daily, an annual documentation project run by Ali Edwards. The goal is to tell stories of Christmas each day in December. To capture the magic, the spirit, the essence of the season. To capture the excitement and anticipation of the holiday in the weeks leading up to the day. In 2016, this is the most exciting Christmas we have had in our family because my son Max is now old enough, at 4 yrs old, to appreciate the full magic of the season. Check back here regularly, all month, as I share the project in progress.


One of the things I wanted to add to this year’s album was a page all about our family: who we are, what we like, what we’re excited about. It took some iterations and some trial and error, but I finally landed on this template and I’m really happy with the results.

My hope is to update it every year with our ages, interests, and what we are most looking forward to. At the end of the day, on Christmas, we’ll hand write in the grey boxes with our favorite parts of this season.

I’m SUPER excited about it.

And I wanted to share it here so that you could do it as well.

You can download it here:

The template is a PSD (Photoshop) file. For next year, I’ll update it with a PDF printable that you can use as well.


Happy documenting, friends!




December Daily 2016 | Dec 1st

This year Iā€™m participating in December Daily, an annual documentation project run by Ali Edwards. The goal is to tell stories of Christmas each day in December. To capture the magic, the spirit, the essence of the season. To capture the excitement and anticipation of the holiday in the weeks leading up to the day. In 2016, this is the most exciting Christmas we have had in our family because my son Max is now old enough, at 4 yrs old, to appreciate the full magic of the season. Check back here regularly, all month, as I share the project in progress.


Today’s pages mark the beginning of December, as we opened the month by decorating the tree.

Now I’ll tell you – I had ideas about how this was going to go. I wanted to establish a tradition around decorating the tree. After all, I had a tradition around decorating the tree growing up.

So when it came time to set it up, open up our box of decorations, and get to it – I was SURE it was going to be a magical family experience, where Chris and I exchanged smiles over hot cocoa and listened to Christmas music while we took turns helping Max decorate.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

First of all, we have a 3-month old baby and if there’s one thing I know about babies, it’s that they don’t care what your plans are.

econd, Max didn’t want to decorate the tree with us. He was TOO excited and insisted on inviting family over to help in the festivities.

Third, we don’t even drink hot cocoa – we prefer tea.

And you know what? I still had a great time. And so did Max.








December Daily 2016 | Part 1

This year I’m participating in December Daily, an annual documentation project run by Ali Edwards. The goal is to tell stories of Christmas each day in December. To capture the magic, the spirit, the essence of the season. To capture the excitement and anticipation of the holiday in the weeks leading up to the day. In 2016, this is the most exciting Christmas we have had in our family because my son Max is now old enough, at 4 yrs old, to appreciate the full magic of the season. Check back here regularly, all month, as I share the project in progress.

This is the first year that I finally understand what all the fuss is about with December Daily. Now that Max is four, and in preschool, every single day since Thanksgiving has been a exciting, anticipated step closer to Christmas.

This Project

I’m sharing my pages, as they’re finished, here on LPP. Most of the products used are a paper pad by American Crafts, a small assortment of embellishments collected throughout the years of doing this project (since 2012), and kits by Ali Edwards and the featured December Daily designers.

Today’s Story

The first story in this album is all about getting the tree. Every year since we moved to our little town, a tiny suburb on the edge of farm country, we have purchased our Christmas tree at a different tree farm. And every year we’re happy with the experience, but none of them were “it”.

That’s the thing about being in a young family in a new place: establishing traditions takes time.

But this year we found it. This is our place. And, without a doubt, our whole family is truly looking forward to coming back again and again for years to come.

We got the recommendation from a friend for a place just around the corner from a small farm that we’ve visited a few years in a row. It’s close to our house (a 10-minute drive) and we’ve been there before (it’s also an apple orchard), so we knew exactly where to go.

The trees are lined and placed in containers, so you walk through lines and rows of trees, large and small, skinny and fat, bushy and spiny: it’s all there.

Because of his excitement, we let Max choose the tree (with some parameters, like – it actually has to fit in our space… ). And Chris followed him as he ran up and down the aisles, while I hung back sneaking photos and hanging with Adeline (who was asleep in her carrier).

After we picked the tree, there was hot mulled cider to drink while we hung by a fire. Max roasted marshmallows. And we all snacked on their fresh cider doughnuts. There was also a hedge maze and farm animals to feed.

It was pretty awesome.

The Album

For my album, I’m making a loose 6×8 with 4 rings. I’m making most of my pages digitally, and incorporating the scrapbook paper pad I picked up at the beginning of this project. The digital elements are from Ali’s December Daily kits. I’m using bits and pieces from all of them depending on what each layout needs.

This tag was placed on our Christmas tree. After we picked it, we went for the doughnuts and camp fire while the guys working at the farm trimmed the trunk and prepped it for our car. They name the trees by the kids, which Max liked a lot.


These pages are printed on Canon Matte Photo paper (which is almost like cardstock) with the Canon Pixma printer. It does a great job, it’s affordable, and it’s archival quality.

I’m still so impressed with it.

One of the things I love about digital is that you can re-color the elements and cards to suit each layout. On this page, I changed the color of the word “holiday” and the corresponding card to match colors pulled from the above picture.

I made the plaid card and tree using elements found in this year’s December Daily kits.

This tag is printed from this year’s DD Main Kit. The circle star is from Kelly Purkey’s DD kit from 2015. I’m still using elements that didn’t make it into last year’s album and I love how easy it is to coordinate them year to year.


So there you have it! One set of pages done, MANY more to go. But as with all of the projects that I do, it takes time for me to find the method, the format, and the groove for each project. Now that I’m finding it, each page will move quickly.


Happy Documenting, friends!




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Around Here | November 2016

I have a strange relationship with time lately. With a not-so-new baby (she’s nearly 3 months) occupying most of my time, I find my days going both SO SLOW and SO FAST – all at the same time.

The slowness comes with having a baby. So much is happening in their teeny little bodies, that their relationship with time is on a different scale than ours. They need time. They need care. They need cautious, slow, deliberate moments. They need snuggles. They need naps. All while they double over in size and growth every few months. It’s truly TRULY amazing. But slow.

And yet, my days are flying by. On the rare moments where I find myself without something to do – like dishes, cleaning, laundry (all of which are MOST of what I do), it’s rare that I make it through a full activity before I’m called back by my tiny tyrant, demanding food, love, snuggles.

And then it’s dark. And then it’s bedtime. And then I’m rushing to get one creative project DONE before it’s time for me to get to sleep.

And, just like that, the day repeats. A slightly different version of the same thing – every day.

So I’ve been away from blogging for what feels like a moment, but is actually months. Though I have continued to share tiny tidbits of what’s happening around here on Instagram and on my personal blog, I’m really looking forward to coming back into a space where I can write and share and be in a place.

So moving forward, you’ll find all of my personal posts, the catch-up stuff, the life stuff, the baby stuff, on my personal blog. And you’ll find all of scrappy projects, my paper-loving nerd-iness, my newest favorite apps, and the awesome industry things that only a lover of all things paper and scrap can truly appreciate – here on LPP.

I promise you – there is a lot to come.

Because of this other little thing …

(That’s me in the bottom-middle. Looking up and sideways like “WHAT?! IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING??)

And it is.

What I love most about Ali is her commitment to story. To simplified products and classes that make telling stories the focus of your work.

And here at LPP, that’s what we specialize in. YOUR story. The best parts. The hard parts. The in-between parts.

And this year, I have a lot of story to tell.

Working with Ali this coming year, I know I’ll be able to offer even more here in this space. There is a lot coming, friends. And I’m happy to say, it’s coming soon.

This year, you’ll see:

  • Digital Products
  • Our favorite classes
  • Story telling opportunities every month
  • All of my favorite Ali projects: Day in the Life, Week in the Life, One Little Word, December Daily
  • More in-progress posts (because there is always something in progress).
  • And whatever else I need, in a moment, and make for myself. Because sharing is caring, friend, and that’s what I want to do in this space.

So join me this month, and this coming year, as I create and share little vignettes of memory keeping and products that make it easier all right here.







Join us for a FREE 30 Day Photo Challenge! #30DaysofHome

Happy October, friends!

Every year, in October, I do a memory keeping project that captures life at home. It all started with my son’s Project Life baby book in 2012, which had prompts about our life – and where we live – at the time he was born. It was designed to give a point of reference, a snapshot, of everything from the street we lived on to the room where he slept.

From the moment that I first read those prompts, I was in love with the concept. The following year, we bought and renovated the home we live in today. Last year, we hosted our first class here at LPP all about Life at Home – Love Where You Live.

01/30 Wake Up | 30 Days of Home a FREE photo challenge with Little Paper Projects #30DaysofHome

01/30 Wake Up | 30 Days of Home a FREE photo challenge with Little Paper Projects #30DaysofHome

And so, in that spirit (and mindful of our new addition … which has me a little preoccupied šŸ˜‰ ), this year we’re hosting a FREE 30-day Photo Challenge to inspire those continued stories of home, embrace our messes, our joys, our favorite places, and notice how much life can shift in the course of a year.

We’ll share our photos, stories, and give away free digital quote cards all month here on the blog, in our email list, and on Instagram.


We are too. šŸ™‚

To participate, download this prompt card, take some photos, and share your stories using the hashtag #30DaysofHome.

#30DaysofHome | 30 Days of Home a FREE photo challenge with Little Paper Projects

#30DaysofHome | 30 Days of Home a FREE photo challenge with Little Paper Projects


Want your story featured? Email a photo to, tag us, or direct message us on Instagram. Make sure the photos have enough white space to add our daily prompt. And if you’re selected, you’ll get a digital sample of our words.

Happy documenting, friends!






#LittleSummerJOY Finishing Your Album | 3 Simple Questions

So far this week, we’ve talked about defining what it means to “finish” your project and adding a summer yearbook-style quote to your album. Today’s conversation is a build off of both of those, as we talk about deciding what to do with your remaining Little Summer JOY Traveler’s Notebook pages.

Let’s Finish this Album

If you’re here and you’re reading this, you’ve probably made some commitment to finishing your album pages. Congratulations! That’s awesome. And it’s a big step. So let’s talk about what your options are and give you some tools for deciding what to do.

First, Inventory

How many pages do you have left in your album?

Depending on the number of pages, and what you want to put in them, this could feel overwhelming, or it could be a breeze. For me, it was a little overwhelming at first. I had more than 20 pages left in my album. And while I knew there was a lot left to tell, I had no idea where to start or what to include. So I asked myself another quest.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

What stories have been told? What stories are missing?

My stories were broad. There were certainly some favorites, big events, and meaningful experiences. I had bullet journal entries from most of the weeks. I had a calendar layout and planner style stamps of what we did each day in June and July. But there was an entire vacation missing. There were random adventures that I wanted to include. And there was a general sentiment – a feeling – of this summer that was missing from the pages.

WHAT | Make a List

Still, I needed clear direction. With so many pages to fill, I needed a bit of a plan if I was going to make this happen while I still had the interest, motivation, and the commitment to doing it. So I made a list of what I wanted to include.

This is my list:

  • One more week of bullet style journaling
  • One more monthly calendar with planner stamps
  • A favorite quote
  • Travel photos from our last vacation
  • A list of favorite places, things, events from the summer

Decide on HOW

Once I had my list, I had to decide HOW I was going to bring that all together. I knew what the bullet page and monthly calendar layouts would look like, so I did those first.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

Next, I added the favorite quote to the last page of the book.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

Then I decided which stories I wanted to tell from vacation. This was a bit more complicated. I knew I wouldn’t be able to capture our entire vacation – nor did I want to – but I wanted to highlight it in some way.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

My solution was to use collaged images, printed on matte photo paper, and cut to fit the book.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

I also printed some panoramic photos that I knew would be fun to include.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

Then I added a brochure and one more favorite picture from our trip. You can see how it folds out.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

Love that I had a place to store that because it was an awesome experience for all of us.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

In the last few pages of the book I included our summer favorites. And, truly, this was one of the fastest ways to fill the pages, and also one of the most creatively fun.

Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen Little Summer JOY Finishing Your Album | Pages by Julie Love Gagen

Because it was a series, I picked a single format for the layouts. Each page had the same photo size, the same border, the same layout, and the same elements. I brushed titles and noted details. And below each picture, I added a short entry on what I loved most.


So simple. So quick. SO DONE.

Little Summer JOY Summer Quote Brush script by Julie Love Gagen

I’ll admit: I didn’t take much care for the brush script. And I know when I look back on my album, I’ll probably cringe a little at the messiness of the titles. But done is better than perfect, friends. And this time, “done” meant doing unpracticed brush script via book light with a brush I’ve never used before.

Your Assignment

Your assignment today is to make a plan. You don’t need to detail every single page, but take some notes. Figure out which stories or elements to include and how you want to include them. Pick a format for the pictures and start printing.

And, when you’re ready, start creating those last layouts.

If you’re feeling stuck, or feeling blah about these pages, try incorporating a new technique, medium, or element in your pages. Make it fun. Make it more than worth your time – make it a creative experiment. Enjoy the process.Ā 

I promise, finishing this album is one of the most satisfying things I’ve done in a long time. Finishing projects, and doing so while feeling that you’ve done a good job, is totally worth the push to make it happen.


Good luck and happy documenting!




#LittleSummerJOY Finishing Your Album | Your Summer Yearbook

You probably don’t know this, but I am a HUGE fan of podcasts, friends.

Honestly, I can’t get enough.

At any given time, I probably have 100 hours of podcasts to listen to. And somehow, I listen to nearly all of them. Whether I’m driving in the car, cleaning the house, or getting ready for the day, there is often a podcast narrating something related to living a good life, memory keeping, or personal development.

Bullet Journal in a Traveler's Notebook #LittleSummerJOY with Julie Love Gagen

So I say all that to introduce some ideas that came from a recent podcast by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, and Better Than Before. Yes, she’s one of my favorites. And, yes, she also had a podcast. Yay!

And a recent podcast episode, episode 74, inspired this extra little addition to my Little Summer JOY album.

You can get all of the notes from + listen to the entire podcast here:

A Yearbook Quote

Yearbooks. Remember those? Whether you loved them or hated them, or both, they were a rite of passage, especially for seniors graduating and moving on to life unknown. Adulthood. WORK.

Each year, our school asked three things of its seniors: (1) a tiny square picture, (2) graduation plans, and (3) a favorite quote.

I found my senior quote in a book about the history of western civilizations. It was the summer before senior year and I was doing the pre-semester reading, under a tree, in the yard of my house. It was one of my favorite spots.

The quote was about heroes, and what makes them. As soon as I read it, I immediately fell in love. I read it over and over again. I tried to memorize it, and did. But the words themselves were so meaningful, that I had to write them down. I copied the quote on a hot pink index card and used it as a bookmark for years to come.

The hero acts alone, without encouragement, relying solely on conviction and his own inner resoruces. Shame does not discourage him… Indifferent to approval, reputation, wealth, or love, he cherishes only his personal sense of honor, which he permits no one else to judge.”

William Manchester

In the year that followed, I would refer to that quote 100 times. In the years that followed, I still think of it when life gets hard. The words matter to me. And they speak volumes to where I was in life at that time.

Choosing a Summer Quote

So now we come to this summer. And Little Summer JOY. Is there a quote that speaks to you? Is there a feeling, a sentiment, that is symbolic or representative of where you are in this moment? In this season?

For me, it was a long HOT summer. It had ups and downs, was packed with adventure, and included a lot of time spent resting. With two boys in tow, and a baby on the way, there were times when it was easy – and times when it was not. Our experiences were driven by the unusually hot, dry weather and whatever energy I could evoke.

Little Summer JOY Summer Quote Brush script by Julie Love Gagen

And yet, as long as our days were, as hard as it was – at times – it also flew by. I feel myself reaching to enjoy these last days before the school year starts. I feel myself clinging to the few precious moments that remain. I want to enjoy every minute while also wishing it away.

This summer, the hours were long, but the season was short.

Your Assignment

Your assignment for today is to think about your summer. What was it like? How does it compare to other summers? Think about it and get a clear idea in your mind.

Then do your search. Maybe you come up with it on your own. Maybe you spin off a popular saying. Maybe you quote a song or artist. Maybe you find something on Instagram. Keep your eyes open. You can also search Pinterest for a quote. Look for some pretty brush lettering. Maybe even use just one word.

Once you find your quote, write it down or print it out. Maybe even practice it in brush script or fancy hand lettering. Think about how you want it to feel as you practice. And once you have a method, add it to your book.

Need a little inspiration? Check out This Pinterest Board.
Happy documenting, friends!




#LittleSummerJOY Finishing Your Album | Defining “Done”

Hi, friends!

We have had an absolute BLAST seeing all of the work you’ve done with this project. TRULY, truly we are inspired and excited by your work. It’s been an amazing season, and we’re so happy to have enjoyed it with you.

This week we’re highlighting something that often gets – ahem – overlooked in the scrappy world.

And for good reason … because none of us really want to talk about it anyway.

This week we’re talking about FINISHING your project.

Little Summer JOY Lesson Two | Hometown Tourist Layout by Kim O

Let’s face it — it’s HARD to finish projects.

No matter how much we love something, no matter how much we want to finish it, eventually, the passion and excitement that comes with starting something new begins to fade. And what we’re left with is a collection of layouts and photos and memories all begging to be brought together, without the extra motivation to make it happen.

We get busy. We get distracted. And we desperately want to move on.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m naturally unskilled when it comes to finishing projects. At times, it can feel forced. Difficult.

It can feel a lot like .. work.

And that’s especially true when we’re caught up in the “lasts” and “firsts” as we transition seasons.

Little Summer JOY Lesson Two | Hometown Tourist Layout by Bonita Rose

Reframing Your Mindset Around “DONE”

I like to look at the last pages of our books not as a piece of work to be finished, but as an opportunity to do something different. To get creative. To experiment.

Because, let’s face it – your album is already gorgeous. It’s already totally worth looking and and referring back to. So whatever you do in the remaining pages? That’s for you to decide. It’s your opportunity. To try something new. To work it different. To explore. To take it to the next level.
And all we need is a little push. A little inspiration. And a quick conversation about what it means to be “done” with this project.

Little Summer JOY Lesson Two | Hometown Tourist with Julie Love Gagen

Defining “DONE”

Each of us has a different definition of “finished.” Some of us want every detail completed to the level of our own standard version of perfection. And that means spending the time to work through each page, add final touches, favorite details, and special embellishments. And it shows in their final album. In the details that translate from beginning to end.

I admire those crafters.

And if you’re one of them, seriously, full applause. You deserve it!

But “finished” can also mean finishing the lessons, and leaving the last pages of a book blank. Or maybe just finishing the lessons that you liked most. The ones that spoke to you. And leaving the rest.

And “finished” can also mean that you’ve reached the end of inspiration in a project. After all, not every album needs to be completed. Not every project turns out the way you wanted it to. And sometimes that means either dramatically changing the rest of the book, or scrapping it all together. (I’m certainly not saying to do that, but if it suits you, by all means, friend.)

For me, finished means filling in all of the pages. It means adding in the stories of the season that didn’t fit in any of the lessons. It means completing the entire book, cover to cover, with the essence and meaning of this project.

Stamps + stamping techniques used in a Traveler's Notebook for #LittleSummerJOY with Julie Love Gagen

Your Assignment

Oh, you didn’t realize there was homework? Sorry, friend. But we’re here for you. And we promise it’ll be as painless as possible.

Your assignment today is to take a quick flip through of your album, look through the lessons for this project, and decide – what is your definition of “done”?

Write it down on a sticky note and place it on your cover. Tomorrow we’ll have another – small – assignment for you.

Good luck!