Baby Girl’s First Year Scrapbook: Month 11

It’s both entirely hysterical and SO EXACTLY LIKE ME to start Adeline’s baby book at month 11.

You see, sometimes it takes a while for ideas to converge and take root. I tend to buy the supplies and wait days, weeks, even MONTHS for a project to fully form in my mind and come together. And this project, especially because of its meaning and how many different feelings I have about it, is exactly as it should be: months behind, informed by deep love and enough perspective to truly find joy in each part and piece that comes together.

Building a Baby Book

Friend, having babies is A LOT OF WORK. No joke. It’s enough to make them and have them grow inside your body. Towards the end, we build this anxiousness about giving birth. As if it will actually be easier once they come out. And maybe in some ways that is true. But for most of us, having the baby is when the work truly begins.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the lack of sleep, hours of feeding, and frenzy of constant care that you lose track of time. Of yourself. Of what you would like to do if you actually had the mind space to make it happen.

So when it comes to a baby book, it’s really easy to lose track of the days and months and find yourself, one or five years later, without anything to reference back to about that time when your kid was actually a baby.

That’s why I’m starting here, at month 11. It’s where I am. It’s where we are. I can always build backwards. But capturing this moment right here is SO SPECIAL. SO important. And SO exactly the point of a baby book to begin with.

I love every bit of this tiny human and I want her to know that.

So when Ali’s DETAILS story kit came out this month, I knew exactly what I wanted to put in her book, and I dropped everything I was doing to make it happen (this is literal – as in, I put Adeline on the floor, gave her something to play with, and let her tear apart my kitchen while I made this layout!) And it was totally worth it.

First, I picked the same Project Life 12×12 Faux Leather album by Becky Higgins that I used for Max, in a blush pink (I found this on clearance at Michael’s months ago). The page protectors are by Becky. The cards are almost entirely Ali Edwards. You can see a full supply list, with links, at the bottom of this page.


I added photos from this month – August – all of which happened to go really well together. Then I added small stars (part of Ali’s kit) that could be referenced in a larger writeup. Those stars also had matching circles + dots, so I used them as a reference to show which words went with which photo. This card is also from Ali’s kit.

Next, I added cards from Ali’s kit and the Project Life Fresh Edition, with its lovely floral prints and subtle patterns, it’s easily my favorite core kit. The “today’s details” is a sticker from Ali’s kit.

Then I started writing. I took to my computer and dropped in the “detail one”, “detail two”, and “detail three” stamps into Pages (the MS Word equivalent for Mac), and wrote descriptions of each of the pictures.

And this is the important part of this post.

How I wrote in My Words / Perspective

Writing to your kids can be HARD. I feel like sometimes I write with this undertone of “you’re driving me crazy” or “if only you cleaned up your toys” or something equally NOT super positive. To avoid that, I waited until I was in a super loving mood. I got myself into the emotional place where I felt so much love I thought I might burst, and then started writing.

The words FLOWED. It came together easily. I cried. And laughed. And couldn’t wait to put it all together.

I looked at the DETAILS of each picture. Her feet. Her hands. Her expression. Her outfit. Where she was. What she was doing. The moment at hand. And I brought it into each card. 

It is one of the most loving pieces of writing I have ever done. And I can’t wait to give it to her when she grows up.

Supplies Used

  • Project Life 12×12 Faux Leather album by Becky Higgins
  • page protectors are by Becky Higgins
  • Becky Higgins Fresh Edition
  • Ali Edwards DETAILS Story Kit