AE Creative Team | Eat Story Kit

Every month as part of my year on Ali Edwards’ Creative Team, I get the opportunity to work with the physical (and digital) products released for that kit and create a story-related project. As with all new adventures, usually it takes a couple of tries for me to figure out what I want to do and how I want to bring it all together.

And this month I figured it out.

As part of the Story Kit release, I’m creating a DIY Traveler’s Notebook out of a combination of printed digital pages (made in MS Word and printed on Matte Photo Paper) and the physical story kit. I add in digital stamps and create pages out of the stamps and cards, as needed. And the combination of mediums – digital/physical hybrid – coordinates into a small 8-page notebook that I absolutely love on that month’s subject, in real time.

This month’s story kit is focused on what we EAT.

Ali always offers prompts for the word – both through the story kit classroom and on the cards and stamps themselves. I’ll be honest – I usually don’t get to the classroom before I start creating — and that was especially true this month because EAT is something that is very much on our minds lately.

So as I pulled this album together, I realized just how many stories I had to tell.

And now I’m considering a second volume.

We’ll see.

For now, here’s my DIY Traveler’s Notebook for the EAT Story Kit — woo!


March 2017 EAT AE Story Kit

The first page was all about celebrating Adeline’s half birthday (hooray 6 MONTHS!) with an over-the-top 6-layer cake that I dedicated one full Friday night to.

It was worth it!

It all started when Max asked to go on Pinterest and look up craft ideas (as we sometimes do). Initially we were looking for Rice Krispie Treats themed for St. Patrick’s Day, but everything got tossed to the side when he saw the Minion cupcakes made with Twinkies.

Thus, the weekend cake party was born. And I spent two days making all the preparations.

The next story came from a facebook status I wrote at the beginning of the month – a half funny, half annoyed experience at Starbucks – when I got the best iced macchiato OF MY LIFE.

Then, there was the time that Chris and I – after basically a full year of never going on a date (because of my complicated pregnancy and, you know, the baby that came after 😉 ) we FINALLY snuck out on a spontaneous Friday night dinner when Max begged to sleep over his grandmother’s house.

I’ll share the full list of supplies at the bottom, it’s a bit of a hodge podge, but in the best way!

The last page was a typed summary of the experiences we had with food this month – eating with friends, going out to eat, and the experiences we have around food and meal time. And, of course, there is a bit on what Adeline is eating (which is changing, literally, every meal – she’s growing SO FAST, friend!).

This back cover style is becoming a favorite tradition of mine – to add a quote (in this case from Ali’s kit) to the back cover, and crop it down to size.

I am SO pleasantly surprised with how this project came together! It’s been such a joy to work with these supplies — I honestly have enough left over to add “eat” to my Project Life Album and still make another DIY traveler’s notebook.

And maybe I will … 😉

Supplies Used:


Happy crafting, friends!