About Little Paper Projects

julie_squareMeet Julie Gagen

After years of storing photos in boxes, Julie discovered memory keeping – and Project Life – in 2010. And it was love at first click.  Julie cultivated this hobby-turned-passion as a single co-habitating professional working lady in 2010, as an engaged + married lady in 2011, and truly fell for it – head over heels – when she became a mom in 2012. What she learned about herself through seeing the change her my albums, pictures, and stories in those years was amazing. Truly, a gift. She is incredibly passionate about sharing her story as a mom, as a sister, a daughter, as an advocate, and as a lady who likes her iPhone. For Julie, every stage in life is worth celebrating, even the hard stuff, and she is here to help you see the beauty of your story using photos + words. You can find Julie on her blog, on Instagram, and on Twitter.


View More: http://maryandroy.pass.us/jenandtrevorMeet Jennifer Lake

At the end of 2013, Jen was told that she would need brain surgery and would likely forget much of her daily life in the months that had passed and in the year to come. She knew then that she didn’t want to live a life that she wouldn’t remember. That is when she discovered Project Life and began recording her everyday moments – from building a life in a new state to the nearly daily doctors appointments, from what she was eating to where she was standing – all in a physical format. Since then, Jen’s passion for documenting the everyday has led to a weekly album, a place on the 2015 Project Life Creative Team, and now – Little Paper Projects. For her, LPP is about making yourself the lead character of your own story. It’s about finding joy in the mundane, finding the positives in even the most challenging situations, and capturing who you are, at this very moment. You can find Jen on her blog, on Instagram, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Still wondering what to expect from Little Paper Projects?
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